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New Zealand Hunting & Associated Books
New Zealand Hunting & Associated Books

Peter Hoar, a long-time reader, trader and collector of New Zealand’s hunting books, has shared his 40 years of hard won knowledge on the subject in New Zealand Hunting and Associated Books (A Bibliography).

It is fair to say that Peter has seemingly amassed one of the best and most comprehensive book collections about New Zealand hunting.

His philosophy when compiling this book was to apply the test that if a book is worthy of his bookshelf then it is worthy of inclusion, and so Peter has covered 500 books in this first edition. Most of the books are specifically about New Zealand hunting but some merely have elements or odd chapters only.

It is printed in an attractive glossy full-colour format and has a very simple and pleasing layout. There are a total of 125 pages that make up the bibliography section. Each page has only 4 books featured, and each book’s cover photo, publication date, cover type (soft, card or hard cover), number of pages, and current estimated market value are provided. In addition, books that are rare, prone to damage or sun fade are noted.

Price: $42.00

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