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Aerial Hunter
Aerial Hunter

They say there are old pilots and bold pilots, there are no old bold pilots. Dick sat down at a venison recovery industry reunion recently with two other pilots, all of the contemporaries they had started with in the 1970s were dead! The venison recovery industry has always been a hard taskmaster; there is no room for error and no second chances. Flying at the edge of the helicopter's performance ability in the mountains of the South Island in all weathers is not for the faint-hearted. For some flying is in the blood, for Dick flying and hunting have been his life. Private hunter, culler and later recovery operator Dick started in the early days of helicopter venison recovery, flying for Tim Wallis. Later he started his own company, the fact he is still at it over thirty years later is testament to his skills as a pilot and his ability to find game. This is his story of the venison recovery industry, how it was, how it evolved and how it is today. Introduction by Tim Wallis

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