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Smash & Grab
Smash & Grab

Allan Hampshire was an accomplished deerstalker long before he stuck his first pig and a good fisherman well before that. He has shot ducks and pheasants, dived for crayfish, caught a 57kg yellow fin tuna, shot chamois and tahr in the spectacular Southern Alps and has a nice 15 point red stag trophy on his wall but pig hunting is his driving passion. So how do you catch a pig? Your dogs smash and grab it! Sounds easy eh? The prevailing ethic is team work - all for one and one for all. That's the hard out attitude that gets you up early in the morning to drive miles in the dark; sends you out to walk for hours in the pouring rain or keeps you hunting on a hot February afternoon. It's also the pure thrill of the chase; the passion and respect for the environment and prey and the affection and admiration for your dogs. Pig hunting for Allan is more than a hobby or just something that he does. It's a total lifestyle encompassing work , home and family. Its also a high performance sport in its own right that demands goals, focus and some sacrifices. Life is a journey and while we try to chose our paths and destination some decisions are made for us.

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