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Something To Aim For
Something To Aim For

Daryl Crimp (Crimpy) has slung his rifle over boulder-strewn valleys, shingle-scarred peaks, craggy mountains and vegetation tangled forests for more than forty-years and doesn't plan on stopping. Hunting is more than just a hobby, a pastime and an adventure; it's a calling and for those of us fortunate enough to hear and answer it early, a life of adventure beckons. From surviving snow-stinging blizzards on the Southern Alps, challenging roaring stags in Westland, fending off irascible old boars and meeting tahr in testing terrain, to setting his mother's bedroom curtains on fire - Crimpy is not short on adventures to share. From the pen of a master storyteller, relive each hunt in nerve tingling detail: feel the tension mount as the wind shifts on the nape of your neck, chill to the unseen throaty roar, recoil to the pungent smell of rutting stag and squint through the wood smoke as you crumple before the campfire's glow at the end the hunt. Something to Aim For is more than just a collection of hunts: it is a story about a son and his father - and a father and his son. It is the story of a journey that ends with a beginning!

Price: $41.00

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