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From Hoon to Hunter
From Hoon to Hunter

Vern Wilson describes himself as more of a "Hoon" than a hunter when he first went into the bush. Thanks to some sympathetic guidance and early success the hunting bug gradually took over. To the point where work got in the way of hunting, so he would only take jobs where he was allowed to take time off to go bush. Time in the hills honed Vern's skills, bigger and better antlered deer fell to his rifle. Trophy hunting became his focus and several NZDA trophies including the Severinson Trophy for the best Wapiti, have graced his trophy room. So join Vern for a trip into the hills in this book, as he recount how it all began, how a hoon became a hunter. The hunts that were successful, and enjoy the humor, relive a near tragedy, meeting many fine hunters along the way. His thoughts on rifles, other hunters, clients and the future of hunting.

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