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New Zealand Hunting Rifle
New Zealand Hunting Rifle

The pure hunter will have a favourite rifle, one that he has had for many lucky experiences, and it will be the hunt that he lives for.  Successful hunting trips experienced over the years gather in the mind to become a positive reinforcement on his firearms choice.  But no two shooters will agree on the perfect hunting rifle and no one rifle or cartridge will ever suit every hunter.  No discussion on hunting or rifles will ever be settled since hunters who decide on the same rifle, scope or cartridge may do so for completely different reasons.

In this balanced and readable book James Passmore explores the history and development of our hunting preferences.  For new and experienced hunters, the modern rifle and New Zealand hunting conditions, "The New Zealand Hunting Rifle" looks at the current situation and compares some of the most popular hunting rifles available both new and second hand.  James Passmore has his favourites and whether you agree or disagree with him, it makes for compelling reading and a valuable resource.

Price: $42.99
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