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Winter and Spring 2010 Update

We don't like to boast too often about our weather on the West Coast but we have to reluctantly admit that its been fantastic - frosty nights, calm clear days, with the odd interlude of snow on the Alps to bring the Tahr and Chamois down lower. And to help you understand their behaviour and how to get on to these animals, Steuart Laing has written a great new matching volume Thar. A New Zealand Hunter's Handbook as a companion to his book of last year, Chamois. A New Zealand Hunter's Handbook. All alpine hunters should have both these books and to encourage you to get your own set - if you buy both together you can have not just free post (within NZ) but a further $5 off. If you bought Chamois last year buy another for those mates who keep 'borrowing' yours.

You can check out our 'new releases' page for our our new book titles.

Once again Graham Gurr from Halcyon Publishing has the field pretty much to himself. We would be surprised if any publisher anywhere in the world has as many hunting books in print and he keeps turning them out. Unlike many publishers who often sell-out their new titles within 12 months and do not reprint, Graham keeps many books in print for years. There is a constant demand for good hunting books, even old title as new hunters come on-stream and old hunters forget who they lent their favourites to.

For those books that are out of print use our Bookfinder page and we will do everything we can to help. We hold in stock many out-of -print and rare hunting titles, and those we don't have we can often find for you fast. Those that aren't immediately available usually turn up eventually.

For newly published titles in 2010 we have not just Steuart Thar. A New Zealand Hunter's Handbook, but also:

A (Nearly) Complete History of the Moose in New Zealand by Ken Tustin. Ken has been hard on the tracks of Fiordland's elusive moose herd for the last 45 years and this fine book tells the story of his quest, as well as bringing together a comprehensive history of the animals in New Zealand, including the Hokitika Gorge release. This reads like a detective story as well as a hunting history .

Whether you are a born pig hunter or wonder what it's all about, Chris Fraser's Pig Huntingitis explains why he and others go from normal to severely infected with a chronic case of pig huntingitis. Being set mainly in Otago it offers a new setting to most other pig hunting books which are based in the North Island or Marlborough. Well told and well illustrated.

Lastly, just for now, Big Al Lester has just produced his fifth book of bush lies and half truths, Arse-up Creek. The title gives away the writing style - this makes fun reading whether you are stuck in a hut in the bush or at home pining for the Fiords. If you like this then two of Al's previous books, Bum in the Bush and Off the Track are still available.

In recognition of the slow international economic recovery we are continuing our offer of free post within New Zealand.

          Happy hunting!

          The crew at New Zealand Hunting Books

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