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Spring 2009 Update

After a great winter on the Coast we are having the sort of spring everyone thinks is real Coast weather. Plenty of showery days and still snow on the alps when the wind turns to the south. The up-side is that is has been a long time since we have seen as many new good hunting books as have been published over the last few months. And from enquiries in the shop it seems that recessionary times have people cleaning up their gear and back into hunting and fishing.

You can check out our 'new releases' page for our new book titles.

The main New Zealand publisher of hunting books, Graham Gurr of Halcyon Books has once again set a hard pace for others to follow.

Halcyon's latest are:
Chamois. A New Zealand Hunter's Handbook by Steuart Laing, is now available. This is the first book dedicated to chamois in NZ since Karl Klette's effort in 1911 - 'Notes on the Chamois in New Zealand'. We are sure that you will find that its been worth the wait. This is a fine example of how to write a book that all hunters from beginners to old hands just must have.
The Deer Cullers by Hans Willems. The origins and methods of deer culling in NZ, written with the help of ex-cullers 'Old Firm' and wit the support of the NZ Deer Cullers Inc.
The Red Deer: Part 1 by renowned author Bruce Banwell. This is the first of two books that will be the definitive story of red deer in NZ.
The Wanderings of a Deer Hunter by Don Kiddie, famous for his studies and booklet on 'Sika Deer in New Zealand', now bringing together photographs and stories from his live of professional and recreational study and hunting.
And pig hunters haven't been forgotten with Reg Carr's Pig Snort. This is Reg's fifth book, if you have read one you know what to expect, if you haven't, prepare to enjoy as Reg takes you off on his hunting trips.

But wait, there's more, from other publishers:

Random House have tried something completely different that will become an important reference for many with Hunting: A New Zealand History by Kate Hunter.
Longacre, arguably NZ's top publisher, if the national book awards are any indication,  have just published John Breen's stories of the Waiatoto, River of Blood. This is destined to be a classic story of sport hunting, meat hunting and the pioneer life, which continues in South Westland to this day. And the West Coast launch in Okuru Hall might become famous too-probably the only place in NZ where there is still some crayfish leftover at the end of a party.
Believe it or not, one of our shop's stationery reps, Dean Taylor has been published by David Bateman Ltd, with an entertaining account: The Bushwhackers: Hunting Adventures on Stewart Island.
Raupo, who used to be Reed, not to be outdone, have published Connor McKenzie's Hunters, Rogues and Heroes: Selected Stories from NZ Outdoor Hunting Magazine.
And last but not least is a thoughtful book on hunting published by Harper Collins, Grieg Caigou's Hunting Adventures: True Tales of a Kiwi Hunter.
So, whatever the weather there is no excuse for running out or reading or gifts for your favourite hunter. And we have decided to make our own contribution to the New Zealand's recovery from recession by continuing to make make postage within New Zealand post free for now. We are also happy to gift wrap and include a card with a personal message if you wish.

          Happy hunting!

          The crew at New Zealand Hunting Books

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