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*Here's Our Winter 2008 Update*

Early and heavy winter snow is blanketing the Southern Alps and chamois and tahr are down at lower altitudes to feed and temp hunters. The winter weather on the Coast is often crystal-clear with cold nights and warmer days in the mountains with very little wind.
The long nights are just great for catching up on reading and we have the best selection of hunting books available in New Zealand. While most of these are New Zealand books we have an increasing number of overseas titles that have been recommended to us by customers.
The media might be gloomy about the New Zealand economy and the cost of fuel but we've decided to do something about inflation and *for the months of July and August there will be no postage and packing charges for delivery within New Zealand.

Our Book Finder service has been proving popular and we have been able to find out of print New Zealand hunting books that some customers have been looking for for years. We even search for a buy our own books with this system. And its not only NZ hunting books we find, but international hunting titles too. One of our recent finds was an 1899 book on chamois hunting in the European Alps. It has some great
illustrations which we will put on the site from time to time. Here is the first:

 Chamois Hunting in the European Alps

As usual there have been several new New Zealand hunting books out to coincide for the interest generated by the roar. Look for Ranger Murphy. This is number 5 in the popular Murphy series by Ross Curtis. Also well named for autumn has been Something to Roar About by Graham May. And we have been able to source a few copies of the great novel based on the New Zealand Deer Wars - Hawks by Andrew Grant. We continue too, to find excellent DVDs for our site. Check out the DVD:  A Wild Moose Chase - the story of Ken Tustin's quest for traces of the small moose population that was established in remote Fiordland. This DVD goes nicely with his book of the same name A Wild Moose Chase.

Unlike most book websites we operate real bookshops as well, in Hokitika and Franz Josef. We sell lots of books & DVDs to hunters so we think we have a good feel of what people are looking for. We also have many books on our site that are not carried by other websites or shops. Our shops are open seven days a week so if you are in Hokitika or Franz Josef you are most welcome to call in and inspect the range.
We will continually tune the New Zealand Hunting Books site to make sure we provide the service our customers want. We are keen for you to use the contact us email service to let us know of any further improvements you think we could make, and of any New Zealand hunting books or DVDs we might have missed from the catalogue.
          Happy hunting
          The crew at New Zealand Hunting Books

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