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Here's Our November 2007 Update

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The site is now up and running with orders coming in steadily from New Zealand and overseas.  We have advertised in several New Zealand hunting magazines and they have all run stories about the New Zealand Hunting Books site.  Overseas customers are finding us through Google and other search engines. We are filling a big gap overseas because there are virtually no bookshops with any New Zealand hunting books and DVDs, and none with the complete range. Several customers have already asked us to find out of print and rare books for them through our Book Finder service.

You will see we have updated the photographs that illustrate our pages with some of Gordon Robert's marvellous photos of New Zealand game animals (recognise these with the copyright Gordon Roberts watermark in the bottom right hand corner). Coming soon will be a page on which you can order prints of Gordon's photographs, and if you need to contact him you can do so through us.

See our new releases page for books and DVDs added recently added to the site or recently released to the market.  Hunting books and DVDs make great Christmas presents for hunters so use our catalogue to help fill those gaps in the library. Most recently listed are Dave Drangsholt's A Deerculler's Tale, Dave Ratcliffe's An Era Gone and the History of the Taupo branch of the New Zealand Deerstalkers Association, as well as several great hunting DVDs new to the site.

Last month we added the complete set of New Zealand Park Maps to the site. Still to come are the 1:50,000 series New Zealand topos but the Park Map series gives topo coverage to many popular New Zealand hunting spots. Postage and handling on maps is just NZ$1.50.

We aim to hold all regularly sold stocks of books, DVDs and other product in stock to keep your waiting times down to 3 business days (for NZ customers). If there are likely to be delays for any reason we'll email to let you know.

For overseas customers,  the NZ mail services are good and reliable so you won't have to wait long  for your parcel.

Unlike most book websites we operate real bookshops as well, in Hokitika and Franz Josef. We sell lots of books & DVDs to hunters so we think we have a good feel of what people are looking for. We also have many books on our site that are not carried by other websites or shops. Our shops are open seven days a week so if you are in Hokitika or Franz Josef you are most welcome to call in and inspect the range.

We will continually tune the New Zealand Hunting Books site to make sure we provide the service our customers want. We are keen for you to use the contact us email service to let us know of any further improvements you think we could make, and of any New Zealand hunting books or DVDs we might have missed from the catalogue.

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Tahr Bull  (c) Gordon Roberts

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